At Dimension Four we believe that crafting best in class end-to-end solutions is best made by a collective team of experts, with complementary skills and services. Together, we push boundaries and drive digital transformation, fast tracking innovation and creating sustainable solutions.

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“It is important for the industry to connect with digital partners that will make their processes more efficient, smarter, and faster. By including the Dimension Four solution in our industry 4.0 lab, we have the opportunity to expand companies' expertise in digitization and wireless communication. This will allow them to see their own potential to a much greater extent.” Svein-Inge Baade Ringstad, Product Manager, Mechatronics Innovation Lab, the Norwegian National Center for Innovation.

“Dimension Four offers an API that enables companies to accelerate IoT development while also ensuring agnostic connectivity towards hardware. With this technology, they are taking a strong position as a powerful IoT cloud platform. Memfault shares the mission of giving engineers tools they need without dictating product designs and getting them to market faster.” Devon Yablonski, Head of Business Development at Memfault.

qbee is a Norwegian software company delivering a SaaS device management solution for Linux and embedded Linux. This solution is used for various IoT and industry 4.0 projects. It features remote fleet management, over-the-air (OTA) software and application updates, monitoring  as well as remote access through the built-in VPN. is simple, scalable and secure. This allows our customers to accelerate the time to market and immediately roll out their IoT project in a secure and predictable manner.
Tvillingfabrikken is an early player in the development of digital twins for the industrial and logistics segment. In a market with relatively few players yet, we aim to develop a software platform for operating environments for digital twins. Digital twin technology is expected to revolutionize the way we plan, adapt and control environments for production and logistics, and that is why we also call it  the queen of Industry 4.0.
Memfault is the first cloud-based platform for connected device monitoring, debugging, and updating, which brings the efficiencies and innovation of software development to hardware processes. The company helps teams catch, triage, and fix bugs in the field before end-users notice them.
Altibox owns, operates and builds fiber optic cables connecting end-users to content and enterprises to the digital cloud. In Norway they have also built a nation wide IoT network (LoRaWAN) together with their partners and their network covers about 1 million households and 100 municipalities.
Mechatronics Innovation Lab
Mechatronics Innovation Lab AS is a National Center for Innovation, piloting and qualifying technology in the field of mechatronics and other related disciplines. MIL is also part of the national infrastructure for increased competence, the changing of production processes, products, services, and business models.
Elteco offers products and solutions in electro, automation and IoT. The company was established in 1968 and situated in Porsgrunn, Norway where they also have their warehouse.
Snowball Digital
Snowball Digital delivers product strategy and design from an experienced team. Our product engineering and growth marketing teams build and launch products. The combination of experience from software, media, and physical products makes us different.
Blue Maritime Cluster
The maritime cluster at Møre is a world leader in design, construction, equipment and operation of advanced vessels for the global ocean industries. In 2014, due to its unique global market position and its important contribution to Norwegian value creation, the cluster was granted the status of a Global Centre of Expertise.
University of South-Eastern Norway
The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) is Norway’s fourth largest university. It employs 1,700 people and offers an education to about 18,000 students.
Nordic Edge
Nordic Edge is a non-profit organisation working in close cooperation with private companies, municipalities and city administrations to promote solutions for smarter cities and communities. Our vision is Smart with a Heart.
GCE Node
GCE NODE is an industry-driven cluster for ocean technologies. Based in Southern Norway, GCE NODE comprises approximately 100 companies, most of which constitute a world-leading value chain of suppliers to the oil & gas, offshore, energy and maritime industries.
Proptech Innovation
Proptech Innovation is a Norwegian business cluster in the construction and real estate industry. Our goal is to make Norway`s largest onshore industry smart and sustainable, and to export enabling technologies to the world.
NSCC is a national and international collaboration arena for large and small companies, municipalities, hospitals, public organizations, user organizations, academia / R&D institutions and investors. We develop the Norwegian health industry, by promoting sustainable solutions that provide a better life for users.
Kongsberg Innovation
Kongsberg Innovation is one of Norway`s leading innovation companies located in Kongsberg. Our competence and extensive network contribute to creating development and growth for technology-based businesses, from startup companies to large well-established businesses. In a unique cooperation with the Kongsberg Industry, Kongsberg Innovation, quickly ensure business acceleration.
Nordigi provides market leading expertise within hardware and embedded software, industri 4.0 og IIoT. Nordigi is also a vendor of hardware and has extensive experience working across industries.
Malthe Winje
Malthe Winje is a technology company which has a central position within the infrastructure segment. This segment includes water and the sewage industry, building automation, energy production, track and road. We are a partner who delivers the best and most innovative solutions to our customers.
Partnering with
Dimension Four

Partnership philosophy

Physical sensors will increasingly intersect with the world of software, jointly providing a vast array of possibilities, and in the midst of it we’ll supply an API to enable it all. 

While IoT is set to impact the future of business, it is also a highly complex environment  and with that as a background, and as firm believers of the new API economy, we are strongly advocating partnerships to drive innovation and create long lasting value. 

As an API provider covering the IoT backend through a platform, and with that making data accessible, we typically work closely with complementary companies ranging from hardware suppliers and diagnostics specialists to companies working within the application layer building end-value applications on top of our platform, covering aspects such as analytics, visualization, and predictions through machine learning. We also work with companies specialized in specific verticals which have domain specific expertise, the main areas being Industry 4.0 and smart industries, smart maintenance, smart cities and communities.

Together, we push boundaries and drive digital transformation, fast tracking innovation and creating sustainable solutions.

We have a growing ecosystem of partners and would be happy to discuss partnerships opportunities with you! Contact us today.