About us

Back in 2018 we saw a need for an easy to use IoT platform based on developer friendly API´s. We envisioned building software that would be flexible and easy to work with for front-end developers while also removing the complexity of an IoT backend. We also wanted to build a solution agnostic towards hardware, enabling companies to choose the sensors they want, with no vendor lock-ins. Another important factor was that it should provide the possibility for rapid prototyping, and efficiently scale for thousands of sensors.

After two years of research and development, in early 2021, the IoT platform was launched with commercial projects already in the works. The platform enables companies to accelerate their development and with that reducing time-to-market, while also being completely technology agnostic, allowing companies to use their preferred carrier and hardware. Today, we move forward with a vision to see data driving the future of decision making, and a mission to simplify and enable observation at scale.

Dimension Four is a part of New Normal Group, a group of technology optimists, entrepreneurs, and software industry insiders that believe humanity, through the use of innovation and technological advancements, will directly solve the world’s most pressing challenges. This has been built into the bedrock of Dimension Four, guiding our team across their disciplines of IoT, finance, network infrastructure, hardware and embedded softwares, and startup companies.