Synthetic sensors

We have an overwhelming world of possibilities with physical sensors. If we introduce the power of synthetic sensors there is no limit of possibilities to be seen.

The concept of synthetic sensors is that you can utilize combinations of real physical sensors together with numerical algorithms or even the world of hard physical laws to create new sensor data streams.

One very simple concept could be to combine in-door temperature readings together with outside temperature and electricity usage to estimate actual heating activated

Another more complex but perhaps also more well known example is to use data from your vehicle to supply the driver with next level warnings and information as illustrated below.

Implementation of synthetic sensors can be done several ways. In Dimension Four you could just create them as Points and use the Create Signal mutation to feed data into that Point. The data will become available though our GraphQL API or you could utilize Webhooks if that would be of preference for your system.

Finally - to get you more inspired than a quick and perhaps no so entertaining short text can do - have a look at this video to get inspired.

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