Superpowered IoT with GraphQL

Creating a well structured and easy to manage IoT system have never been more easy.

IoT systems can be set up in many ways and there will always be preferences depending on the developer you talk to. This comes down to both objective preferences due to the overall design and requirements of the planned system but also due to more subjective reasoning.

We have put together a team containing great software architects and IoT engineers to create a solution where we aim to support fast and beautiful IoT development.

Our thinking is design driven with the aim to meet the need of the new generation of developers with the tools they love. We build for developers by creating a solution utilizing GraphQL together with a microservice based architecture.

So what does this imply?

Basically we have made a solution that will give you as a developer a high speed tool to create beautiful and well structured IoT projects by utilizing GraphQL to design your data structure and access your data with ease.

Further we are making an effort to reduce the complexity of setting up your hardware devices and sensors, and reducing complexity when updating these with adjusted settings, send frequencies, credentials etc.

We do however advise that you choose your devices with care. You will find many vendors that has very complex and partially a bit outdated approaches when it comes to setting up the devices the first time and maintaining them at scale for continuous operation of your system.

We like to say that we take care of the hard stuff.

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