Signing up

To get started with IoT in Dimension Four you need to sign up for an account, which is easily done through our website.

A quick guide through the main steps is nevertheless provided.

Hit the sign up button and enter your credentials. You will then get an email to confirm your account and guide you into the dashboard. 

Here you can start building the structure of your IoT project, we do however also recommend that you get yourself familiarized with some of the core concepts of our system by visiting our developer section.

You should as a minimum get to know Spaces, Points and Signals, which are sort of the main building block of your IoT system structure.

Further we suggest that you set up some spaces and points to learn how this works before you go and have a look at our GraphQL API´s.

The dashboards is created to provide you easy overview of your system.

To simplify stuff while checking out the GraphQL API - you could use our playground - or you just use our endpoints in your preferred set up.

Ready to get started?