New product update
Wed Jan 25 2023

We are excited to announce our new feature- aggregation of IoT data!

This new feature allows the Dimension Four users to easily collect and analyze data from multiple connected devices and sensors, based upon one unified and centralized place. With this update, you can now quickly and easily identify patterns, trends and correlations in your data. This allows you to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions faster.

The new aggregation functionality gives us the opportunity to visualize data for a huge timespan in a matter of milliseconds.

Thanks to the development from Dimension Four, our customers can now seamlessly navigate large amounts of data and quickly get the overview they need through maximum, minimum and average values.

Even Falkenberg Langås
R&D Engineer, MsC Mechatronics at Tvillingfabrikken

The importance and possibilities of aggreation of IoT data

– While the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us, one of the biggest challenges associated with IoT data is the fact that it is often siloed and isolated. Aggregating this data can provide tremendous benefits and insights that are not possible with data silos. Aggregating IoT data enables us to gain better insights into how people and devices interact, monitor performance and trends, and uncover correlations between data points. By aggregating data from multiple sources, businesses can create a single source of truth that can be used to drive innovation and make better decisions. 

Additionally, aggregating IoT data allows companies to better understand their customers and create targeted campaigns, as well as optimize processes and track performance. Aggregating IoT data also makes it easier to identify and respond to potential security threats, as well as to ensure compliance with regulations.

We are excited to see how this new feature will help our users gain new insight into their IoT data, opening up new possibilities and fueling innovation. Start taking advantage of it today and see how it can benefit your business!

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For information on how to use this functionality, head over to the developer docs.

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