Dimension Four signs customer agreement with Stavanger Municipality

Skien, Norway and Stavanger, Norway – July 1, 2022
Dimension Four, a software technology company offering a high-performance, scalable, Internet of Things (IoT) platform, today announced that a customer agreement has been signed with Stavanger Municipality, a forerunner on SMART CITY initiatives.

Using technology and innovation to drive sustainability and becoming climate-neutral.

Back in 2016 Stavanger Municipality established the roadmap for SMART CITY STAVANGER, setting its direction and laying the foundation for a framework to be built upon. Leading up to the establishment, more than 250 contributors from the public sector,industry and commerce, organizations, academia and other resource persons provided input, fueling the start of how the city would evolve on the quest for smarter solutions for its citizens. Since then, Stavanger municipality has taken a major leap in the advancement of their initiatives and has become a role model for cities aiming to adopt the concept of SMART CITIES. 

Looking ahead, they are even expanding their scope with their recent involvement with  the Nordic Smart City Roadmap initiative, a framework for smart city work in cities and municipalities both in the Nordics and internationally. The city has also set a goal in regards to the environment, aiming to become climate-neutral by 2030 in alignment with The European Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities (EU Cities Mission), aiming to create 100 climate-neutral and socially innovative cities by 2030. 

“Stavanger is gearing up to take on projects which will push us closer to our goals of becoming climate neutral by 2030, reinvent our city, include our citizens, and put them in the center of developing new and better services. “

As part of the overall SMART CITY initiatives, the municipality has already begun their work on monitoring municipal water management, including surface water in sewage pipes using IoT, but unfortunately sensor data has not been possible to use across various systems. The municipality saw the need, and benefit, to combine sensor data, also with data from other data sources, and looked to Dimension Four to provide a solution for combining multiple data pipelines, and from a range of sensors. 

With an agnostic approach to both IoT hardware and carriers, Dimension four provides Stavanger Municipality with an endpoint where data is interpreted and structured for further use, coupled with an intuitive interface for onboarding new IoT devices, providing the customer full control of all their IoT devices, independent of choice of sensor manufacturer. Thus, with Dimension Four as the IoT backend, customers avoid vendor lock-ins and are free to combine different data sources to provide new insight and value.

An important tool in daily operation for the engineering department at Stavanger Municipality is the Gemini Portal from Volue, where users can survey water and sewage data in real time. In a very short time, the engineering team at Dimension Four built a seamless integration towards the portal, enabling that IoT data streams into it. With the new integration between Dimension Four and Volue, customers using the portal will now have even more possibilities regarding data streams, such as from battery powered IoT devices.

For this project, Dimension Four also did an integration towards sensors from the smart waste management technology company, Sensoneo, in cooperation with our partner Elteco, enabling OverTheAir (OTA) Configurations.

“I’m impressed with how efficient the process has been with the team at Dimension Four, from our initial discussion till deploying a production-ready solution. We have had a great collaboration leading up to it, with them ensuring efficient coordination between all involved parties.”

“With Dimension Four’s technology, we solve the need for an agnostic IoT platform, and we look forward to working closely with them in the future ahead,” said Steinar Husebø, Head of Production, Processes and Automation at Stavanger Municipality. 

“One of the founding principles for Dimension Four is enabling innovation through making advanced technology accessible, so that companies and organizations can fuel innovative advancements, such as within citizen welfare and sustainability.  We are therefore very proud to have teamed up with Stavanger Municipality supporting their quest on becoming climate-neutral by 2030,” said Morten Steinvåg, Chief Commercial Officer at Dimension Four. 

About Dimension Four

Dimension Four offers an agnostic cloud-based platform to simplify IoT complexity enabling enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and IoT journey, while providing a central source for data collection. The company’s end-to-end platform is built with developer experience in mind based on a powerful, flexible and blazing fast GraphQL API. Dimension Four is part of the New Normal Group, a software group with extensive experience in establishing and scaling software companies for exponential growth.

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About Stavanger Municipality

Stavanger is the fourth largest city of Norway, with 142 000 inhabitants and Norway’s densest populated municipality. The city is located in northern Jæren and together with Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg, the country’s third largest urban area with around 360 000 inhabitants. The Stavanger society originates from more than 180 nationalities. Stavanger is the administrative, economic and cultural center of Rogaland county and seat for the University of Stavanger, the county governor, county administration and several national and international businesses.

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