Dimension Four signs customer agreement with Porsgrunn municipality
Thu Jan 13 2022

Dimension Four signs customer agreement with Porsgrunn municipality

Dimension Four and Porsgrunn municipality has entered into an agreement which gives the municipality the possibility to measure utilization of sports arenas, beaches, hiking trails and other public areas, through Dimension Four’s IoT API.

As part of our mission to collect and store data, interoperability is one of our criterias. When we got to know the Dimension Four team and looked at their agnostic approach to data sources we knew right away that they would be a good fit to our organization.

Glenn Are Heidenstrøm
Data Engineer at Porsgrunn municipality

Choosing a future proof IoT platform

Porsgrunn municipality was looking for an IoT solution to measure utilization of sports arenas, beaches, hiking trails and other public areas, and was especially searching for a platform which would be future proof in that the data collected could be openly shared, both towards the public but also to other vendors, which can use this data with the possibility to enrich it.  

With a vendor agnostic IoT solution from Dimension Four this was made possible as it can connect to any sensor while giving a broad set of possibilities to send data further to any other system or application. As Dimension Four delivers the solution as an API, Porsgrunn Municipality could also still use their existing platform, which was considered a strong point, avoiding unnecessary complexity and cost. 

It was also important that the solution could be integrated towards other systems used for tracking movement as the municipality also has initiatives in place for collecting traffic data from municipal roads. In combination with other public data sets, such as the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's Traffic Data, it will then be possible to investigate the bigger picture of population movement in different scenarios.

The choice of sensor was a People Flow Counter which uses horizontal infrared technology and is fully GDPR compliant. It will be utilized within an already established IoT network used by the municipality (LoRaWAN) which Dimension Four integrates with.

About Dimension Four
Dimension Four provides software to simplify IoT complexity helping enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and IoT journey, while providing a central source for data collection from sensors and other data sources. Our end-to-end platform is built with developer experience in mind based on a powerful, flexible and blazing fast GraphQL API. Dimension Four is a part of the New Normal Group, a company with extensive experience in establishing and scaling software companies for exponential growth. |

About  Porsgrunn municipality
Porsgrunn municipality is located in Telemark in the county of Vestfold og Telemark in Norway, with a population of approximately 36.000 people. The organization unit “Environment & City development” which is responsible for initiating, coordinating and maintaining systems and solutions on public areas for the residents, is on the forefront of using new and emerging technologies, contributing to citizen welfare and efficiency. |