Coffee and IoT - a simple use case

We have created a very simple use case to get you started with our GraphQL API, and guess what - we do have a coffee shop in our building that has stocks of coffee they need to monitor.

The basic use case is defined as below.

  • Coffee roaster with 2 coffee stocks (roasted and not roasted)
  • Both stocks needs to keep optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Employees should receive Slack notification when conditions are not optimal

..and the optimal conditions is defined as below

  • Not roasted coffee: 18-25°C
  • Roasted coffee: 4-10°C

We have made som basic code available for this use case. To replicate the project you need to establish a free account following these steps.

You can then run all calls from GraphQL in D4 GraphQL Playground on

Ready to get started?