API Overview

Signal, Point and Space

Describing some core objects that is an important part of Dimension Four.

A Signal is a single sensor reading from one device.

You have one device that has one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor. Here you would refer to the temperature reading as one Signal and the humidity reading as another Signal.

A Point is very often one hardware device, but can also be a “virtual device”. This device Point can have several sensors that generate signals.

Reusing the example from Signal above, you would have one Point which has two Signals, i.e. the device is the Point and it contains two Signals, temperature and humidity.

You might want to group Points. To allow for this we give you the opportunity to create a Space, which then typically would contain several Points.

If you have three Points in one physical room you might want to group this for example to monitor that physical room. You could then create and name a Space, and let the Points be a part of this Space.

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