IoT Developer

Skien or Oslo; Norway, or remote. Full time.

We are looking for an IoT Developer armed with an impressive track record to join our growing team. 

As an IoT Developer you will be joining the product engineering team and work on delivering a multi-tenant, scalable and secure SaaS platform with a microservices architecture. Specifically, we are looking for someone with hands-on experience with both the hardware and software side of IoT, with a cant-stop-wont-stop attitude and an urge to persevere until you get it right. In this role you will be central in understanding use cases and customer requirements so we can make the best possible product.

Your role will be vital in understanding user requirements and roadmap prioritization, as well as assisting customers. You will work closely with the rest of the cross-functional team to ensure system consistency and great user experiences.

We normally have fun with things like

  • Embedded device development with microcontrollers (C++, Arduino)
  • HW interfacing like I2C, UART, SPI
  • Understanding and handling measurements and units from environmental sensors
  • Embedded OS’s like ZephyrOS, FreeRTOS and different Linux distros
  • Usage and conversion of different protocols like protobuf, senML or device specific binary encodings
  • Development of battery powered and consumption optimized devices
  • Security like TLS, HTTPS, key-management and end-to-end encryption
  • Carriers like Nb-Iot. LoRaWan, SigFox, 2/3/4/5G
  • Device/fleet management, enrollment, updating, debugging, replacement, OtA
  • Transport Protocols like UDP and TCP
  • Communication Protocols like MQTT, CoAP and lwm2m

You ideally bring the following to our team

  • A relevant educational background. Probably a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in software engineering or similar. However, we also know that some of the best programmers out there are self-taught and that relevant experience may compete with formal training.
  • Great analytical thinking skills.
  • Know the difference between providing data and providing value.
  • Using the right tool for the job.
  • You have a good understanding of all the pieces required to build modern full stack IoT systems.

How we can help you grow

At Dimension Four we are a diverse and international team and can offer varied and challenging work as part of an exponentially growing company within Internet of Things. You will be a part of a team who has a strong passion for technology, and how it can be used to solve complex challenges. You will work with modern technology in a small and highly agile group with a strong team spirit. 

About Dimension Four

Dimension Four provides software to simplify IoT complexity helping enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and IoT journey, while providing a central source for data collection from sensors and other data sources. Our end-to-end platform is built with developer experience in mind based on a powerful, flexible and blazing fast GraphQL API.

We are a young company with global ambitions set for fast growth into a very large market. 

As a team member of Dimension Four you will also be part of the New Normal Group. A group consisting of 16 best of breed software companies with people from more than 20 different nationalities. Our people work from all over the world enjoying a flexible hybrid working model. 

Ready to join the fourth dimension?